Preventative Maintenance

Whether your power system is run frequently or only on a minimal basis, without the properly performed services it will lose value and reliability.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular equipment testing and a well planned comprehensive preventive maintenance program will protect your critical facility from costly repairs and make sure it's fully functional when the utility goes down. We know that providing back-up power for your critical facilities means more than just supplying the equipment. In order to keep your power application running smoothly, it's a good idea to establish a preventive maintenance and testing schedule.

Preventive maintenance is especially important if your generator set is used frequently or is subject to extreme operating conditions. At GPS you 'll find a dedicated team of experienced professionals with the ability to service your entire critical power network regardless of brand or manufacturer. Generators on continuous standby are vital in most critical locations and must be able to run at full capacity in a matter of seconds.

Preventive Maintenance plays a crucial role maximizing reliability, minimizing repairs, and reducing long term costs. In addition to generators, GPS provides maintenance services on most automatic transfer switches, uninterruptible power supply units, switch gear, fire pumps and batteries.

Generator Preventive Maintenance Scope of Work

  • Level One 77 Point Operational Inspection Performed as Needed (Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually)
    • Belts: Inspect for worn, broken or loose and make necessary adjustments
    • Cooling System: Maintain proper coolant level, antifreeze concentration and supplemental chemical concentration
    • Jacket Water Heater: Check heater functionality and record standby temperature
    • Engine Crankcase: Check the oil level and add as necessary
    • Governor: Check for proper operation
    • Fuel System: Inspect for leaks and tank supply lines to engines
    • Batteries: Maintain the electrolyte level, check for clean tight terminations
    • Gauges: Inspect the condition of all gauges
    • Battery Charger: Check for proper operation and record voltage and current
    • Start Engine: Run engine to standard operating temperature
    • Oil Pressure: Inspect for proper oil pressure and record reading
    • Fuel Pressure: Inspect for proper fuel pressure and record readings
    • Frequency: Inspect for correct RPM/HZ, adjust as needed and record
    • Voltage: Inspect for correct voltage, adjust as needed, and record
    • Leaks: Inspect and record leaks (oil, coolant, fuel, air, exhaust)

  • Level Two Service, Typically performed annually or as operating hours require
    • Includes Complete Level One Inspection
    • Change and Service: All engine filters, drain and fill engine oil

  • Level Three Service, Typically performed at 3 year interval
    • Includes Complete Level One Inspection and Level Two Service
    • Replace Batteries, Belts, Flexible Hoses, Coolant, and Radiator Cap

What can you expect from our Preventive Maintenance Services?

Managed Preventive Maintenance (MPM) outsources the management of preventive maintenance services for Emergency Generators, UPS and Switchgear.

As Preventive Maintenance Managers, we negotiate contracts with service providers in your area, managing the scheduled maintenance and testing of your critical power equipment.

If you’re already happy with your service providers, we’re happy to keep them. If you want to leverage our network of providers, we can combine the most favorable terms with the highest level of service. In either case, we manage whatever services you choose.

Global Power Supply is proud to assume the responsibility for seeing that all work is performed and that the property runs smoothly.