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With over 30 years of experience, the Global Power Supply Critical Infrastructure Solutions division is a leading provider of computer room and data center air handling and air conditioning (CRAH and CRAC) systems. We have a large selection of high quality surplus and used air handling equipment. And most importantly, all of our equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested by our experienced technicians.

Liebert CRAC

Liebert CRV Air Cooled Glycol

High-density data centers are consistently refreshing technology to improve capacity and decrease space. We buy and sell CRAC and CRAH equipment, offering our customers the unique option of high quality refurbished units and the trade-in of their current CRAC/CRAH assets. Many of our computer room and data center customers come back to us time and time again, we value these long term relationships and make sure to keep offering high quality products at an incredible value, and backed by excellent customer service and support.

Systems that require computer room air conditioners/air handlers (CRACs/CRAHs):

apc acrc100 hvacAPC acrc100 hvac
emerson condenserEmerson condenser
emerson cooling unit dh114aEmerson cooling unit dh114a
emerson cr019ra cracEmerson cr019ra crac
emerson lieber crvEmerson Liebert CRV
Liebert DS AC unitLiebert DS AC Unit


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