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Caterpillar 1100 kW 3512C

Caterpillar 1100 kW 3512C


SKU: 3779
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
shipping info (lxwxh lbs): Weight (lbs): 22000, Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 216x78x96
genset model: 3512C
genset s/n: LLA01407
fuel type: Diesel
condition: Surplus New
kw: 1100
kw rating: Prime
year: 2008
emissions tier: 2
hours: New
enclosed: Open
fuel tank: 0
engine manufacturer: Caterpillar
engine model: 3512C
engine s/n: LLA01407
rpm: 1200
ar# / spec# / cpl#: 250-7623
alternator make: Kato
alternator model: AA27647004 (6P6-3300)
alternator s/n: 20510-02
amps: N/A
phase: Three Phase
pf: 0.7
insulation class: F
temp rise: 80
bearings: Yes
battery charging alternator-volt: None
governor: Electronic
starters: Air Starter
int#: 12635


CAT Power Generation provides diesel and gas generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies, automatic transfer switches and electrical switchgear. Caterpillar offers a wide variety of large and small generator sets, batteries, fuel tank bases, security casings, air cleaners, electronic governors, and much more to help make your generator run even more efficiently. By purchasing a used or rebuilt Caterpillar generator from Global Power Supply, you’re guaranteed to get the service you need for your project or application.

Reliability, Accessibility, and Cost Benefits of Diesel Fuel

For more than 30 years, the industry standard for critical power supply and reliable, effective backup power remains diesel fuel generators. Because diesel generators can output 100% energy capacity in just 10 to 15 seconds - a higher energy density (BTU) than a natural gas generator – they’re the perfect choice for standby power. Our customers gain peace of mind knowing their critical power infrastructure fuel source is dependable, cost-effective and readily available. Global Power Supply has successfully implemented Diesel fuel equipment solutions in virtually every industry including data centers, hospitals, and manufacturers. Reducing the cost of backup power and making generators easy to install and transport around the world is part of what we do every day at Global Power Supply. In today’s power industry, the increasing demand and diminishing supply of fuel in our economy makes a cost effective fuel solution an essential part of your primary or back-up power system!]

Testing and Refurbishing

The lifespan and vitality of your used power equipment can be drastically extended through the common application of refurbishment technology and remanufacturing procedures. In many cases, refurbished equipment will include design updates and quality upgrades. By combining our meticulous certified pre-owned generator testing and inspection process with the common application of equipment refurbishment and component re-use guidelines; our customers can increase their bottom line while reducing green-house gas emissions, landfill waste and utility fees.