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Cummins 800 kW GTA50G1

Cummins 800 kW GTA50G1


SKU: 3608
Manufacturer: Cummins
model: GTA50G1
shipping info (lxwxh lbs): 408" x 122" x 158" 45,000lbs
genset s/n: 25237803
fuel type: Natural Gas
condition: Used
kw: 800
kw rating: Standby
voltage: 480
year: 1999
hours: 5430
enclosed: Sound Attenuated
int#: 12433


Cummins Power Generation offers standby/emergency systems, multi–megawatt utility peaking facilities and sophisticated cogeneration applications. For over 90 years, Cummins Power Generation has supplied a variety of reliable power for customers around the world. Cummins offers generators, automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, generators for rent or a complete integrated power generation system. Their diesel-powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10kW-2500kW. These clean modern diesels meet the demanding requirements for starting and powering loads within 10 seconds.

Reliability, Accessibility and Cost Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a cheap, clean, and reliable fuel choice to power your critical backup or standby application. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas is one of the most dependable and abundant fuel sources on earth. Natural gas does not expire, and it will not go stale or gum up like some other fuels. Running on a lean mixture of fuel and air, natural gas generators significantly reduce the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and increase fuel efficiency. For applications that operate for more than 500 hours annually, natural gas gensets can provide some of the cheapest electricity available. The technology surrounding natural gas power generators is advancing to allow for increases in energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and lower emissions levels. The biggest advantage in using a natural gas generator is the ability to connect it directly to the fuel source for utilities already receiving natural gas as an energy source. If you are looking to cut costs on your power bill for your business, switching to natural gas may help reduce those costs.

Purchasing Surplus Equipment

At Global Power Supply, we hold a strong commitment to environmental stewardship while providing quality equipment and critical power supply solutions. 20% of the backup power projects in the United States result in the removal of existing generators and power systems. By up-cycling this used equipment, we save approximately 85% more energy than manufacturing the same products with new parts. Your finished power system can include all the design and technological advantages of new equipment with our technology migration planning solutions. Global Power Supply’s re-purposing services are essential in extending the lifetime of used power equipment. We regularly purchase used and surplus inventory and refurbish it to be compatible with the latest technology.