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Cummins 800 kW GTA50G1

Cummins 800 kW GTA50G1


SKU: 3608
Manufacturer: Cummins
model: GTA50G1
shipping info (lxwxh lbs): 408" x 122" x 158" 45,000lbs
genset s/n: 25237803
fuel type: Natural Gas
condition: Used
kw: 800
kw rating: Standby
voltage: 480
year: 1999
hours: 5430
enclosed: Sound Attenuated
int#: 12433


Cummins Power Generation offers standby/emergency systems, multi–megawatt utility peaking facilities and sophisticated cogeneration applications. For over 90 years, Cummins Power Generation has supplied a variety of reliable power for customers around the world. Cummins offers generators, automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, generators for rent or a complete integrated power generation system. Their diesel-powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10kW-2500kW. These clean modern diesels meet the demanding requirements for starting and powering loads within 10 seconds.

Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a form of renewable energy, making natural gas generators more environmentally friendly than diesel powered generators. Pollutants emitted in the United States particularly from the combustion of fossil fuels have led to the development of many pressing environmental issues. As a result, natural gas utilities have advanced energy efficient goals and simultaneously helped address some of these environmental concerns including: smog, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions. As today's environmental energy of choice, natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel. Natural gas generators are designed to provide reliable performance, high fuel efficiency, and very low emissions. GPS provides its clients, which include oil companies, engineering firms, and oil and gas contractors with a complete range of resources, skills and services for construction, operation and installation under ideal safety, cost, deadline and quality conditions. Natural gas generators are a smart choice for any situation. GPS has a full line of natural gas generators for you to select for purchase or rental to meet your commercial and industrial needs.

Integrating New Technology

Used equipment can often offer you the exact same performance as brand new gensets at a big cost savings to you. Used power equipment can be refurbished and remanufactured to extend the life of the product and in many cases “up-cycled” to include design and quality upgrades. Remanufactured equipment and components can offer substantial cost advantages over their counterparts, while meeting the same energy needs as a new critical power supply component GPS continues to be a pioneer in remanufactured generators and asset recovery solutions, and our leadership and commitment to quality services and environmental stewardship makes us an enduring partner for any of your power needs. Used generators are available with power outputs from 100kW to 2000kW. These generators are reliable, high quality units made by the leading manufacturers in critical power.