5 Tips for Backup Power in Commercial Parks

Generator Being Removed by Crane

Recover value, reduce costs and mitigate risk with these five tips.

1. You may not know what you have

You may be under estimating the resale/trade-in value of the equipment you have sitting idle.

2. The equipment may be sized improperly

Or under utilized – wasting space, energy, and maintenance dollars.

3. Your backup generator is outdated

Not meeting current emission or future emission standards like Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier4/4i. Not meeting current standards could be holding you back from a new tenant opportunity.

4. New tenants bring power demand

And tight uptime and reliability issues. Providing replacement equipment through decommissioning or trade-in of existing generators can be achieved within budget constraints.

5. Project management services handle all coordination and logistics for removal

Of existing equipment from the building, to the rig onto transportation. Having this kind of expertise saves immeasurable stress from facility management.

Over the years, GPS has been very successful offering fair market value for unwanted emergency backup power equipment and providing delivery for fast track replacement requirements. This has proven to expedite the leasing process. Please let us know if you have any opportunities for us to evaluate for you.

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