7 Tips for Diesel Generators in Emergency Preparedness

Global Power Supply Industries

GPS attended a webinar provided by Diesel Technology Forum in March of 2013 on “Preserving Public Health and Safety: The Role of Backup Emergency Generators in Protecting Critical Infrastructure.” The presenters in attendance were from the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Caterpillar, Cummins Power Systems and HO Penn.

The seven tips that follow coincide with the preparedness message delivered in the webinar. Hopefully these tips will from our perspective be a motivator in your diesel generator preparations.

1. You may not know what you need

FEMA recommends advanced analysis and development of facility requirements. In cases of emergency, these facilities will get assets first. GPS can develop a recommendation for your facility. Start a conversation about your needs, call GPS for help.

2. Each facility has unique requirements and obstacles

You’ll need a partner to identify how to correctly customize a preparedness solution for your specific application. We have that experience along with local assets in regional areas to service and support your onsite needs. We offer better customer service in advance, than the Army Corps of Engineers does during or after a disaster.

3. Take every asset you have and leverage them into an effective solution

GPS remarkets, refurbishes and buys/exchanges equipment everyday. What is holding you back from implementing a better backup plan? We have those relationships in place. The government isn’t going to meet your equipment needs when the lights are off.

4. Avoid the pitfalls of project management

By using a full service provider with solutions from multiple manufacturers nationwide, we source your solution with the flexibility of an open market. GPS offers you choices. Choice might be the difference between having the power you need or not.

5. Lead time in the generation business matters

GPS answers the phone with real people, real conversations and with inventory. Global Power Supply has over $5 million in-stock power equipment inventory and over $25 million of available inventory. We have critical power for emergency preparedness today. Unlike a disaster scenario, it is first come, first served. Yes, you can buy your way to the top of the list.

6. Trust equals peace of mind

GPS makes acquiring used or refurbished equipment easy due to our rigorous quality control procedures, extensive refurbishment process, and reliable used equipment warranties. We supply high quality used equipment to some of the world’s largest corporations and small businesses alike. Our customers sleep well at night knowing their used equipment comes from the industry’s most reliable source.

7. Location, location, location

Staging availability means the solution is where you need when you need it. When the manufacturers lead time does not match up, give GPS a chance to fill that order. We have multiple locations and physical inventory to ship today. Do you know what we have in Texas or North Dakota?

Call the Global Power Supply Team today and be prepared.