Environmental Sustainability Commitment

Mon Aug 30th, 2021

We at Global Power Supply are in business to provide safe, reliable, and efficient electrical power when and where it is needed, despite inclement weather, remoteness, unforeseen emergency, or system failure. To ensure our clients maintain power to their critical facilities and operations, GPS provides products and recommends technical solutions that meet all applicable environmental and emission standards. Federal, state, and local regulatory requirements are just the starting point of our efforts to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental effects of power production, distribution, and storage, however.

Global Power Supply is committed to minimizing waste and point source pollution in the present and moving toward a fully de-carbonized energy future. To meet this commitment, GPS first views sustainability from a holistic, product lifecycle-oriented perspective. We therefore balance recommending the newest more efficient technologies available with the opportunity to re-use older, yet still efficient, products. We believe the first step to reducing negative environmental effects is to minimize the fabrication and production of new products, when a re-purposed piece of equipment can fit the technical and environmental requirement of the application. We refurbish, re-use and maintain older power equipment to ensure they are efficient and reliable through their usable lifecycle.

While we will always look to avoid the production of new equipment by re-purposing equipment when practical, we recognize newer, cutting-edge products are often a better option. While currently this will often involve carbon fuel-based generation equipment with enhanced emissions control and lower fuel requirements, we are constantly investigating and exploring new technologies that require little or no carbon-based fuel. We commit to recommending these new technologies where applicable or as soon as they can be implemented in a safe and efficient manner.

Our commitment to sustainability does not end with our own actions. We will only invite partners into our supply chain that share a similar vision and standards. Our current equipment suppliers are all leaders in their fields and are all working to develop new technologies to produce, distribute and storage energy in the most efficient ways possible and without the use of carbon-based fuels.