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What is the Narada UPS Lithium Battery System?

The Narada Lithium Battery System is a UPS battery system with a scalable, modular design  ...

Five Key Steps to Sizing a 3-Phase UPS Backup System

For a UPS system to work properly there are a lot of detailed specifications that  ...

Updated Hurricane Forecast, Emergency Power Preparedness for Extreme Weather

NOAA forecasters predict there could be hurricanes, tropical storms, and extreme weather still to come  ...

Global Power Supply Expands Engineering and Project Management Teams

With the nationwide growing demand for dependable backup power solutions, we are pleased to announce  ...

Hurricane Season is Here, Is Your Business Prepared for an Extended Power Outage?

Summer is right around the corner, and power outages due to extreme weather are a  ...

UPS System Replacement for Casino in Gallup, New Mexico

Four day turnaround on a UPS system for a large casino in a vulnerable condition.

Bridge the Gap with UPS Power Systems

For many businesses a 10 second power interruption could be life threatening or cause serious  ...

Power Preparedness for Extreme Winter Conditions

Severe winter storms have the potential to push our aging power grid beyond its limits.

New 500 kVA and 1MW UPS Rental Trailer Fleet Expansion

Global Power announces the availability of its expanded UPS rental trailer fleet with Toshiba G9000  ...

Prepare for Late Hurricane Season Severe Weather Power Outages

Above-average Atlantic temperatures set the stage for busy season just ahead.

Need an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Better Start With Your Transition Type

Safe and dependable automatic transfer of electrical power but which transition type: OT, DT, CT  ...

GPS Completes Hipower Standby Generator Installation in Michigan

GPS worked closely with Freight Train Canna to deliver a 600amp ATS, and a Hipower  ...

Video Tour Airman Mobile Diesel Generators

Video Tour of an Airman ANA SDG65 Mobile Diesel Generator

Timelapse Delivery of 380kW Diesel Generators to Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Global Power Supply is proud to announce the completion of a successful turnkey project at  ...

GPS to Exhibit at 61st Annual RSSI Exhibition

Global Power Supply is proud to be an exhibitor at the RSSI C&S in Kansas  ...

What’s on Tap? A Reliable, Convenient, and Economical Way to Connect a Standby Diesel Generator

Generator tap boxes, also called quick connects, because the transfer of power is easy and  ...

GPS Brings Industry-Leading Toshiba to their UPS Rental Trailer Fleet

GPS is adding Toshiba state-of-the-art UPS systems to their mobile UPS trailer fleet with custom  ...

Great Time to Sell Your Used Equipment

Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Used Power Equipment.

What Makes Backup Power Projects So Challenging

What are the biggest challenges, and why is implementing a backup power solution so complex?

5 Tips for Generator Preparedness in Extreme Weather Conditions

Winter is here and extreme weather conditions are affecting many parts of the country.

Timelapse Delivery of 3250kW Standby Diesel Power to Colorado Data Center

Global Power Supply is proud to announce the installation of a new MTU 3250 kW

Three Ways GPS is Prepared for Emergency Power Solutions in 2022

Our success as a solutions provider is founded in three primary customer focused goals.