How to Avoid Ten Month Lead Times on Diesel Generator Orders

Used Caterpillar Diesel Generator

Used Caterpillar Diesel Genset Enclosure with Base Fuel Tank

Demand for large diesel generators has been steadily increasing over the past couple years, and while there are many reasons for the increased demand, one result is that factory lead times have grown to as much as 28 weeks (6 months) on larger engines for many top manufacturers. That can balloon to as many as 36 weeks when a custom enclosure/tank package is required (which is likely on generators over 1000 kW). Throw in extra time to allow for quotation, approval and issuing of purchase orders, creation of engineering submittals, customer review of engineering submittals, local government permit approvals, transit time, installation, testing and commissioning, and the overall lead time for installing a large diesel generator can easily approach or perhaps exceed 8-9 months from start to finish.

Reduce factory lead times and save money in the process:

1. Evaluate High Quality Used Gensets

GPS carries a large selection of surplus and used generators that can be quickly customized to our customers’ specifications. Used generators are always inspected and tested and can be rapidly deployed with warranties. Used equipment can shorten delivery schedules to less than half the time of new.

2. Properly Sized Timely Quotes

We quickly provide detailed quotes on complex projects, which can be prepared the same day or up to a week depending on project complexity and the equipment required. Properly prepared, accurate, and timely quotes will help shorten approvals and allow for adjustments that may alter schedules.

3. Engineered Solutions

Surplus and used generator inventory usually have engineering submittals available immediately. Many configurations come with enclosures and fuel tanks, saving both time and money in the manufacturing of add-on third party equipment related to the generator. Understanding if a particular combination will fit a need is our expertise, a key value.

4. Project Management Experience

A dedicated GPS project manager will be assigned for all projects. Our project managers work with contractors and customers to achieve a completed installation. Each GPS project gets the focus and attention of your power expert to keep a project in scope and avoiding delays.

5. Understanding Complexity

GPS offers in-house support to help you anticipate and overcome the many obstacles that only apply to your facility, power requirement or local legal requirements. Nationwide delivery of reliable and compliant backup power has many unique requirements, that if not captured early in the process, will amount to huge delays and substantial frustration.

Global Power Supply has in-stock diesel generators from top manufacturers like Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, Generac and MTU, in sizes ranging from 150 kW – 2500 kW.

Please contact us today and let us help you save time and money on your power project.