Benefits of Buying Used Industrial Generators

Used Generator Warehouse

When you are talking about a diesel generator set for standby use, there are a lot of benefits of buying a used system. Here are some bullet points:

1. Quality Used Assets

The major majority of our in-stock used inventory was manufactured in year 2000 or later and has less than 500 hours on the meter. Most diesel gensets can operate for well over 10,000 hours before any major work is required. Many of the units we purchase are barely broken in by the previous owner.

2. Refurbish and Testing

GPS inspects, services and tests all used gensets we purchase prior to resale to our customers. Our facility in Texas has all of the equipment necessary to test and make repairs, if necessary, to all of the gensets we acquire.

3. Custom Modifications

GPS can customize used equipment to meet specific jobsite requirements in many cases. We can add breakers, switch voltages, add or modify enclosures and tanks, etc.

4. Warranty Coverage

GPS has warranty coverage available for all units that are going into standby applications.

5. Affordable Options

Customers can buy good quality used equipment from GPS at around 35%-50% below the cost of a new unit.

6. Timely Delivery

Used equipment is in stock and available for rapid deployment. New units can carry significant lead times.

7. Reputation

GPS has an excellent reputation in our industry. We earned that reputation by making sure the equipment we provide to our customers works when they need it.

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