Business Continuity During Coronavirus Covid-19

March 15, 2020

Global Power Supply is ready to support your business at this time. Under current conditions, we are focusing on safety and caution in our relationships with our customers.

GPS has long structured our business to be able to work remotely as part of our normal operations. As a provider of backup power generators and UPS systems we annually are called to provide expertise on emergency response and extraordinary events. We pride ourselves in supporting our customers and if we are unable to help directly our team takes pride in getting you the help you need.

We are also supporting the following steps at this time:

  • Employees and contractors are encouraged to work remotely if they can.
  • Anyone not feeling well or with symptoms will be asked to stay at home.
  • We are limiting travel to essential business only.
  • We are asking our contractors and service providers to honor any requests of customers prior to deliveries or appointments. We collectively want to be prepared for any consideration for all parties involved.

During this event we are working hard to be cautious and communicate clearly with the hope that everyone can be safe as we meet our commitments. GPS intends to continue to provide all of our services as best we can. If you believe COVID-19 will delay or impact our relationship please reach out to us with your concerns.

Thank You,

Trent Robbins
CEO, Global Power Supply

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