EPA Diesel NSPS for Stationary Engines Standards (60.4201, 60.4204, & 60.4205)

Aug 9, 2010

Non-emergency engine requirements shown in black; emergency engine requirements shown in red. All 2007+ requirements are the same as prevailing non-road requirements except >3000 hp T1 for 2007-2010, and when emergency engine requirements become unique by not forcing after treatment.

EPA Standards, Diesel Generators, Engine Manufacturer

(1) Compliance with optional ‘Option 1’ 0.30 g/kW-hr PM limit in 2008 allows 1-year delay of T4 until 2013. Option 1 engines in 2008 are T4i engines, not T3 engines.

(2) Fire pump requirements for 2007+ generally delayed three years. (3) Engines > 10 L/cyl must meet T2 marine requirements of 40 CFR 94.8.

(4) There is NO TPEM program for engines in stationary applications.

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