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TypeSKUTitleManufacturerConditionkWkW RatingYear More Info
Natural Gas Generators4796 Waukesha 1100 kW L5790DSTUWaukeshaUsed1100PrimeInfo
Diesel Generators4351 Magnum 186 kW MMG235MagnumUsed186Prime2014Info
4357 Magnum 186 kW MMG235MagnumUsed186Prime2014Info
4358 Magnum 186 kW MMG235MagnumUsed186Prime2014Info
4361 Magnum 256 kW MMG320MagnumNew256Prime2015Info
4363 Magnum 373 kW MMG465MagnumUsed373Prime2015Info
4364 Magnum 373 kW MMG465MagnumUsed373Prime2015Info
4373 Cummins 1250 kW KTA50 G3CumminsUsed1250Standby1998Info
3818 MTU 1500 kW 12V4000MTU Onsite EnergyUsed1418Prime2001Info
4627 Cummins 2000 kW DQKABCumminsUsed2000Standby2007Info
4374 Caterpillar 2000 kW XQ2000CaterpillarUsed2000Standby2010Info

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