How to Upgrade an Existing Data Center UPS System with Zero to Little Interruption

1000 kVA UPS Rental

Slideshare presentation from June 2016 MCDC Expo explaining the process of maintaining business continuity during a data center
UPS System expansion or upgrade.

Our Director of Critical Infrastructure Division, describes in detail the challenges and options for a Data Center upgrade utilizing a temporary trailerized UPS system rental and also externalizing your infrastructure expansions through CIM modules.

Slideshow Outline ( no audio ):

• Intro

• Expansion or Upgrade

• History of Data Center Design

• Identify your Options

• Critical Infrastructure Upgrade

• UPS Replacement N Design

• Planning Phase

• UPS Replacement 2N Design

• UPS Replacement Discovery Phase

UPS Replacement Execution

• Externalize Your Infrastructure

• CIM Purpose-Built Solutions

• Benefits of Modular Construction

• Speed of Deployment

• Thank You

Download the presentation PDF Presentation.

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