Diesel Generators – Should You Be Roll-up Ready

Diesel Generator Hookups

Yes! You should be ready.

Of course we would say that, we offer generators. But, GPS also does all the prep work to ensure those generators function on-site. With over 16 years of experience, we know the pitfalls, traps, and obstacles that need to be addressed for a successful installation.

So, what does “roll-up” ready mean. You might think it means simply being able to connect a cable on the building to the generator. You would be right, but that is only a small piece of a very complex puzzle.


Local and State Regulations

Regardless of circumstances there are going to be regulatory requirements. Whether the application calls out for a mobile unit or a stationary installation you need to understand local and state regulations. Dealing with bureaucracy in the midst of an emergency shut down adds chaos to an already stressful event.

Owner operator, Landlord and Tenants

Understanding who is going to negotiate the changes and provisions required to the building itself is vital. This group or person is going to share in the evaluation process.


Location, size, noise and fuel considerations all bring options to cost and availability of a generator. Even temporary mobile generators will require good planning. The more understanding of the process the more predictable the length of runtime and the cost of fuel will be understood and clear to all parties involved.

What to Power

“Critical need” must be well defined early in the process to make sure essential loads are isolated in the configuration. This is a cost to configure how this temporary power will be connected and switched into what is normally grid power. Each site needs to know what that size of power consumption is and what power size generator is going to provide that power. In addition, size defines the fuel and the ultimately the runtime.


Where is this going to happen. Sounds simple enough, right? Put it next to the building. Not so fast. Temporary power is noisy. It is also create noxious exhaust. Cables, what about those cables and cable runners. Have you ever been behind stage at a concert. Well you don’t want that mess at the front door of business or critical facility. General accessibility for all service individuals both on-site personel and providers is actually very important. Supervision or service will be required when the unit is call on to perform.

GPS establishes local resources like electrical contractors and provides the expertise in engineering and testing of power sizing. All these evaluations are defined before a generator solution is defined. Keep in mind, a temporary solution may not be the right choice. A permanent installation could be a cost effective solution. A natural gas generator might actually prove to provide the power in certain situations.

Mobile Diesel Generator

Example Mobile Diesel Generator

Don’t be surprised. Roll-up ready is a marketing thing. When a customer begins this process with Global Power Supply you can be sure we are going to get you to the point where a cable will be the only requirement left. ( We do the cable, too!)

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