Ensure Your Generator Will Operate In Extreme Weather

Generators in the Snow

Winter is coming. Winter weather maintenance and exercising your generator should be on the calendar today. Everyone has winter woes, don’t let it be you with these five checks.

1. Check for Snow Accumulation on Hood

Snow can block air exhaust hoods, blocking the airflow and causing airflow issues. Unit exercise schedules should allow for operation frequently enough to eliminate snow build up before it becomes a problem.

2. Anti-freeze Freeze Point

Generator engine coolant is designed to operate with a specific water/anti-freeze mix. Freezing coolant can cause serious damage to equipment.

3. Old Batteries Perform Poorly in Cold Weather

Good maintenance should avoid a battery aging out, however, in cold weather an old battery can quickly become a point of failure. Testing and replacing the starter batteries in cold weather is a good practice.

4. Engine Coolant Heater

Engine coolant heaters are a must in cold weather. An engine that has cold soaked to -20 degrees will very likely not start regardless of how well the rest of the system is maintained. Space heaters can help with engine heating and make maintenance easier for site personnel.

5. Will your Diesel Fuel Freeze

During extreme cold weather diesel fuel can gel up and will not flow through the fuel system causing the generator to shutdown and create other problems in the fuel system. Attention should be given to the fuel type, fuel condition and or an additive to avoid this failure.

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