Heat and Hurricanes an Above Average Season for Power Demand and Generators

Heat Outlook Map

In May, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center announced there is a 45% chance of an above normal hurricane season in 2017. Forecasters predicted 2 to 4 major hurricanes with winds in excess of 110 mph this season with an additional 5 that reach hurricane classification.

Also, NOAA has a high probability of continued above average heat for this summer. This in combination with the increased odds of a hurricane will negatively affect the power grid and should motivate folks to be prepared now.

With rail system power outages in San Francisco Bart and New York Metro in the headlines, everyone is becoming more aware of the need to secure reliable power. Thunderstorms, wildfires, human error, equipment failure upstream, cyber attacks, and old aging infrastructure all speak to the long term need for investment in grid hardening and advancements in monitoring and fall back systems.

Global Power Supply provides integrated power systems for rent or purchase to meet emergency backup needs long term. With our vendor neutral advantage we are able to provide high quality new and refurbished equipment to specifications and on delivery schedules that are much shorter if not in half of factory orders.

We are a single source provider of standby diesel and natural gas generators. In addition, we have a fleet of high powered UPS trailer mounted systems for critical facilities.