Hurricanes & Rental Generators

Hurricane Florence NOAA Map

Florence Storm Track Sept 9, 2018 credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce

Back in April of 2018, we warned of the impacts of hurricane season; Backup Generator Power 4 Signs You’ll Need It This Summer. This was the most appropriate time to talk options and get prepared for a large storm and the need for backup generators.

Here is what we know. Today, September 11 2018, roughly three days before a major hurricane will strike land, it is too late to obtain a rental generator on the east coast. Only generators larger than 500 kW are available and most of those units are located west of the Mississippi. Transit costs are extreme. Fuel coordination will be full of demand. Delivery of any generator in a state of emergency is stressful, and almost never goes as planned.

You needed to have a generator on-site and tied in at least a week ago at minimum. This generator would need to be purchased or reserved in advance. An offsite generator rental secures a rental that is deployed from an area or location offsite but within the region, when needed and fully tested and compatible with your facility in advance of the weather event.

A high quality new or used permanent installation is ideal, but again too late. Securing a rental unit and paying for it in advance will eliminate the stress of finding and transporting heavy equipment in the middle of a disaster.

Global Power Supply has an Emergency Response Team for generator availability and delivery in the region. Please reach out to the team for help.

From the entire GPS team, we offer everyone in the affected areas our thoughts and prayers