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In February of 2019, PG&E filed updates to its California wildfire mitigation plan with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announcing under dangerous conditions the high voltage power lines will be de-energized in high fire-threat areas. California utility providers SCE and PG&E are conducting Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events in California as part of the plan. Critical power facilities need to evaluate their utility service coverage immediately and assess their ability to withstand loss of grid power and the need for a backup generator to maintain uptime.

Some of these facilities include:
Wildfire Gaviota Santa Barbara County, California
Wildfire Gaviota, Santa Barbara County, California

Planned Power Outages

Two days in advance of gusty winds and dry conditions, a PSPS event notification will be given to customers in a defined region. One day prior to a planned outage, a second notice is sent. The exact timing is not known and the duration of the event is subject to the weather conditions. According to a CPUC report, dated January 2020, there have been over 800 PSPS events that have impacted almost 973,000 customers in California. On average each of these customers had about 43 hours of power outage.

California CARB Compliant Generators

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has very specific rules for the operation of backup generators. CARB generator emmission regulations under emergency events like PSPS may allow you to use a backup generator however additional specific local permitting may also apply. The Environmental Protection Agency in 1996 implemented in a series of steps called Tier level regulations, over time, to successively require more stringent limitation of diesel non-road engine exhaust emissions. Over the 24-year period manufacturers have complied with Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 Interm and culminated in Tier 4 Final generator emissions compliance. Owners need to be aware of how and when these rules affect operation of a rental or permitted diesel generator. We provide that expertise.

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Tier 4 Final Generator

Why GPS?

GPS provides free consulting services to assist people confronted with potential and actual losses and risks from PSPS from PG&E and SCE. Our approach is to listen carefully to your challenges, priorities, preferences and limitations and check them with what is practical and permittable. Since we represent all major brands of generators and ancillary power equipment, we can objectively suggest the right options for you. Your priorities are our priorities. One size does not fit all. Our approach is transparent and we have a genuine desire to help you solve your back-up power problem. This includes maximizing business continuity, safety, minimizing losses from spoilage and helping you keep your business running as normally as possible during power outages.


Full Service Provider

Many people responsible for businesses who have not opted to purchase or rent back-up power systems, may be challenged by numerous issues:

Global Power Supply can help keep costs down, get the job done fast and offer creative financing options. We have a vast inventory of ready to ship generators and UPS systems and can assist with budget friendly leasing options. If Cap-Ex is limited, we can provide rental options paid from your Op-Ex budget.

We strive to provide peace of mind along with a reliable and affordable power solution. Please contact us so we can get the process started and get you covered before the upcoming fire season.

Global Power Supply develops customized PG&E backup generator turnkey solutions.


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Critical Facility Standby Diesel Generator


Not a fan of filling out forms? We have online chat agents available and can be reach by phone 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, Pacific time at (800) 706-0906. We also have a 24 service call hotline for existing customers (877) 340-0141.

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