Critical Infrastructure Modules (CIM)

Critical Infrastructure Modules

Modular Enclosures for Power Infrastructure

Power and data infrastructure modules provide a means to respond to today’s market demands: As a pre-wired, pretested, UL inspected, integrated, cost effective, modular solution.

Data and/or power, integrated and engineered to your requirements with room for you to maintain and operate the equipment. Built fast and quickly deployed as infrastructure expansion. With a strong and durable frame, the modules are highly efficient to ensure modern energy savings and containment.

Facilities can take advantage of the flexibility in design, the rapid availability of configurations and use the space that is available in extremely short timelines. The speed of deployment is 30% to 50% faster than traditional site development. Critical infrastructure modules can be deployed in 60 to 90 days.

CIM Rendering CIM Module Option

Externalize Your Expansion

Expansion is necessary, but time or space pose a challenge. CIMs can be configured for IT, electrical, cooling or an "all-in-one" integrated solution.

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