Backup Power for Water Treatment Facilities

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Water Treatment & Purification

Dependable access to clean water, and wastewater treatment, is vital to any and every community. Global Power Supply has been working with water treatment facilities since 2004, providing emergency power solutions to ensure clean water continues to flow, and sewage continues to be treated, regardless of circumstance.

Water consumption globally is expanding at a rapid pace, and demand for clean water has never been higher. This demand is revolutionizing the water purification and wastewater treatment industry, and now, more than ever, facilities must be run more efficiently and more reliably. As technology continues to become a bigger and bigger part of these facilities, so too does the need for reliable back up power systems.

Back up generators are an essential, and in many cases mandatory, part of water treatment facilities, desalination plants, as well as wastewater and sewage plants. Losing access to clean water and sewage infrastructure for any extended period of time can be potentially devastating. It is absolutely vital for any facility to have an effective emergency response system in place to ensure that there is no interruption of power. It is important that old or dated equipment, including generators, be replaced or upgraded for newer more reliable models. It is perhaps equally important to have a maintenance plan for all facility equipment, including back up power to confirm that your emergency power systems will work when they are needed most.

Making clean water and treatment of sewage requires a lot of power. In addition to providing back up power, generators can also be used to assist in load distribution. Thus allowing a plant to run more efficiently.

GPS Megawatt Installations

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Global Power Supply has the experience, and high quality standby generator inventory from top brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Multiquip, MTU and HiPower to provide reliable backup or continuous power to water treatment facilities.

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