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In an industry where specific degrees of temperature are critical to a production success, winemakers do not want to risk a power outage for any length of time. The significant investment in wine making equipment, man hours, and timing should not be left to chance on weak utility grid power. In addition, announced weather related power outages (Public Safety Power Shutoffs) are not always predictable and can last as long as a week.

Wine production is a delicate and precise process. Temperature and timing are just a couple of the critical components of this process. Any momentary or sustained loss of power can compromise the quality of the product, damage expensive automation equipment and in turn have a negative impact on the bottom line.

Some critical wine making equipment:

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Refrigeration and chiller units consume a majority of the energy and energy-cost in wine production. Refrigeration is vital in helping wine develop. Any interruption in the cooling process can be devastating to the winemaking process. It is critical that temperature control units be rigged with backup power systems including UPS backup systems to support the cooling process in the case of a power outage. UPS systems are mission critical for the role they play between the power going out and a standby generator starting. Large industrial equipment require clean uninterrupted power to operate continuously. GPS provides full turnkey installation power solutions, a properly sized and correctly configured integrated power system.

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In an effort to reduce wildfires, Pacific Gas & Electric, who is the primary power provider for a large percentage of wineries on the west coast, has announced they will start selectively shutting off power to wildfire prone areas during extreme weather. Due to this and other potential causes of outages it is important than vineyard and orchard administration have a backup power solution in place to ensure harvest and production do not suffer a sudden loss or an impact on the production process. Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are to continue for many years to come.

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GPS provides free consulting services to assist people confronted with potential and actual losses and risks from power outages. We objectively suggest the right options for your size and production requirements. Each business has concern for losses from spoilage. We keep your business running during power outages.


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