One Bad Storm Will Leave You Powerless!

Storm Sandy

Tropical storm Sandy,

Hurricane season begins June 1st. Is nine days enough time to find an emergency backup rental generator?

On October 22, 2012, tropical storm Sandy was upgraded to advisory status by NOAA about 385 miles southwest of Jamaica. Nine days later on October 31, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall north of Atlantic City affecting 24 states and causing a $71.4 billion in damages second only to Katrina in 2005 at $108 billion. (

We have diesel and natural gas generators available for rent or lease today, empowering you to act before it is too late.

Lock up a generator before the first storm hits and rental generators become scarce. Availability nationwide is impacted by regional storms as units are reserved in advance and relocated/deployed to provide relief in affected areas. Natural gas and diesel generator packages will be in high demand.

Keep in mind, however, the expense of an extended rental could offset the outlay of a direct purchase. Have your own unit there permanently.

Global Power Supply has asset management services to get your new purchase in place this season and can also offer fleet management services. Let us handle the logistics of obtaining rental or new gensets.

2005 Storm Tracks

2005 Storm Track overlay by

The two biggest storms on record within a seven year period. Perhaps an emergency backup power package could give you a competitive advantage. Perhaps your facility will avoid a 2013 event, but what is the likelihood in a seven year storm track that you will be unaffected?

Check the Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather outlook starting on June 1 for tropical cyclone activity information for this 2013 season.

Nine days will not be enough to get your emergency power generator in place. Call or email today and talk preparedness with a critical power expert at Global Power Supply.