Trade-In Valuation Process

Trade-In Valuation Process

Global Power Supply is a full service provider and re-marketer of integrated power systems including diesel generators and natural gas generators, custom enclosures, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, automatic transfer switches and paralleling switchgear.

We have built an organization with the experience and support systems to provide you with the highest possible value for your surplus critical power systems. Our extensive list of existing customers and our proprietary customer database provide us with the ability to evaluate, market and sell your excess equipment worldwide.

Our programs are designed to maximize your return by systematically identifying financially qualified buyers of your equipment and then closely managing each detail of the negotiation and subsequent sale of your critical power system equipment.

Asset Recovery


Initial Evaluation

Our team will conduct an initial evaluation with the intent to provide you with consistent communications regarding the valuation and re-marketing efforts.

Re-Marketing Program

Our team will develop a comprehensive re-marketing program that includes historical sales evaluation, current market trend analysis and industry specific vertical marketing.


We provide sales, technical and operational expertise that increases the potential value of your assets.


Complete management of all financial, contractual and logistical arrangements.


Trade-in Valuation Process


Technical Review

Our engineers will review the specifications on your surplus equipment to verify usability and compliance with current standards.

On Site Inspection

Our team may conduct a site visit to confirm your excess system is functioning properly and make any repair or refurbishment recommendation for your review.

Market Valuation & Appraisal

Our sales and production team will evaluate your equipment against current market need and customer demand.

Value & Purchase Offer

Based on the results of our Market Valuation Study we will present an offer for your excess system and detail the process for deinstallation and transportation if necessary.

Extend Your Budget

Payment will be made to you in accordance with the Value and Purchase Offer. This may include a cash purchase, a credit toward future purchases, or a consigned offer - all resulting in more budget dollars for your programs.


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