Power Generation Job Demand Growing Fast in Williston

Dual Fuel Oilfield Generator

Oil boom in Williston

Williston, located in the northwest corner of North Dakota, is truly at the center of the state’s oil and gas boom. The area has the highest rate of population growth in the state, and an unemployment rate among the lowest in the nation, at just 0.90%. As foxbusiness.com reports, North Dakota has had booms in the past that fizzled out, but this time there appears to be no end in sight, “Calming any concerns of a déjà vu bust is the sheer size and rapid acceleration of this oil boom, as well as North Dakota’s strong economy and ongoing development projects in places like Williston.” The area is expected see long term growth and prosperity, with future job growth over the next ten years predicted to be over 52%, according to Sperling’s bestplaces.net.

Power Generation Job Opportunities

As the oil boom has taken hold, so has the demand for power generation. Much of the oil and gas activity takes place in the remote, off-grid areas of the Bakken shale play. To fill the power demand in these remote locations, companies like Global Power Supply’s Bakken Generator have set up permanent establishments in Williston for industrial generator rentals and sales. The mobile, diesel and natural gas generators are used to supply power to the oil and gas operations. And as the region’s population grows and daily oil extraction increases, there is a tremendous opportunity for job seekers. One job in particularly high demand is that of a generator technician. The power generation industry needs qualified generator technicians who can maintain, service, and repair all the generators being used. In order to connect qualified candidates with job openings, Bakken Generator has even started a new website called generatorjobs.com. The focus is helping job seekers in and around the Bakken find available positions at their Williston-based Bakken Generator. It’s worth taking a look if you or someone you know is interested in a job in the power generation field.