Automatic Transfer Switch

Cummins OHPC

Cummins OHPC

Cummins OHPC Specifications

SKU: 4562
Manufacturer: Cummins
model: OHPC
number of poles: 2,3,4
condition: New
voltage: Multi-Voltage
year: 2019
amps: 125-800
int#: 13919
The Cummins Power Generation Series OHPC PowerCommand® automatic transfer switch monitors the primary power source, signals the generator to start upon loss or destabilization of utility power and then automatically transfers the load to the generator. Once the utility power source becomes available and stable, the OHPC will return the load to the primary source.

Designed and constructed specifically for open transition operation, this clean sheet, revolutionary design incorporates the innovative High Endurance Mechanism (HEM) for uncompromising reliability with the proven PowerCommand Microprocessor Control.

  • Transfer switch OHPC open or delayed transition.
  • UL-listed 30-cycle ratings - OHPC is listed for short time ratings of 25,000 amps at 10 cycles for 125-260 amps, 30,000 amps at 30 cycles for 300-600 amps, and 42,000 amps at 30 cycles for 800 amps.
  • PowerCommand® control - A standard, fully featured microprocessor-based control. Software-enabled features, settings, and adjustments are available for ease of setup and accuracy. Optically isolated logic inputs and high isolation transformers for AC power inputs provide high voltage surge protection.
  • Selectable transfer method - The switch automatically transfers the load back either by using the fast transfer or by using the delayed transition mode of operation. When operated in the sync-check function mode, the controller can adjust the frequency of the generator by 0.5 Hz. This avoids the long transfer times often associated with in phase monitor-based products.
  • Manual operation - Manual operating handles and stored energy transfer mechanism allow effective, manual operation of the OHPC. An external operator is available as an option for dead front manual operation. Manual operation of the OHPC can only be performed in the open transition transfer mode.
  • All switches are UL 1008 Listed with UL Type Rated cabinets and UL Listed CU-AL terminals.
  • All switches are certified to CSA 282 Emergency Electrical Power Supply for Buildings, up to 600 VAC.

About Cummins

Cummins Power Generation offers standby/emergency systems, multi–megawatt utility peaking facilities and sophisticated cogeneration applications. For over 90 years, Cummins Power Generation has supplied a variety of reliable power for customers around the world. Cummins offers generators, automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, generators for rent or a complete integrated power generation system. Their diesel-powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10kW-2500kW. These clean modern diesels meet the demanding requirements for starting and powering loads within 10 seconds.