Automatic Transfer Switch

GE Zenith 2000A Bypass Isolation

GE Zenith 2000A Bypass Isolation

GE Zenith 2000A Bypass Isolation Specifications

SKU: 6434
Manufacturer: GE Zenith
model: ZBTSCTB10200F
number of poles: 4
enclosure type: NEMA 1
ul listing: 67ZL
maintenance bypass: Yes
service entrance rated: No
length/depth (inches): 64
width (inches): 45
height (inches): 80
lug style: Solderless Screw Type
transition type: Closed
catalog number: N/A
condition: Surplus New
voltage: 480
year: 2018
amps: 2000
phase: 3 Phase
frequency: 60 Hz
int#: 17762
ZBTSCT Bypass/Isolation Transfer Switch
Operation: ZBTSCTB - Bylass/Isolation Closed Transition
Application: Utility to Generator - Auto Transfer - Horizontal Design
Amerage: 2000 Amp, 100k WCR
System Voltage: ZVC70 (277/480 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire, 60hz)
Enclosure: ZEC0CCBJ (NEMA1)
Included Options:
World Pole: North America
Country: ZEXP - US (United States)
Voltage/Phase/Wires: 3 Phase/4 Wire
Voltage Frequency: 60Hz
Option Package: MEXED0S (Exercisor Package - 3 Phase)

About GE Zenith

GE Zenith Transfer Switches are used to provide a continuous source of power for lighting and other critical loads by automatically transferring from source 1 power to source 2 power in the event that source 1 voltage falls below preset limits. Voltage sensing and system control is performed via a state-of-the-art microcontroller located on the cabinet door. It is designed to give highly accurate control of the transfer switch system.