Automatic Transfer Switch

GE Zenith ZTE Series

GE Zenith ZTE Series

GE Zenith ZTE Series Specifications

SKU: 4559
Manufacturer: GE Zenith
number of poles: 2,3,4
model: ZTE Series
condition: New
voltage: Multi-Voltage
year: 2019
amps: 40-4000
int#: 13913
Since 1930, GE has designed and manufactured Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) - products specifically designed to keep critical loads energized and protect personnel, facilities and businesses against losses. The technological advances of the Zenith ZTE firmly establishes GE as not only a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of ATS, but a trusted Power Quality Partner.

GE's Zenith ZTE Series of transfer switches goes beyond just source switching. Integral metering and communications, high level diagnostics and unsurpassed flexibility make the Zenith ZTE a perfect solution for today's critical source switching.

  • Low-Voltage Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches
  • Durable solenoid ATS operated mechanisms and robust electronics, tested for severe EMC and environmental conditions.
  • UL 1008 and CSA 22.2 Certifications, CE Marking, Seismic testing and certification to IBC 2006.
  • Intuitive, color graphical display with built-in Help functions.
  • High-speed event log and data logging, advanced system troubleshooting and event reporting.
  • Built-in networking for reduced hardwiring, centrally located customer connections; simple field modification of features without need for factory service.
  • 40-4000A, 2-4 Pole, standard and bypass isolation construction.
  • Proven solenoid operated mechanism.
  • Built-in networking, customizable User Data Map, and plug-and-play monitoring using EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring™ software.
  • True PQ metering, including waveform, harmonics and high-speed event capture.
  • Applications: Healthcare Facilities, Critical Infrastructure, 7x24 Call Centers, E-Commerce, Data Centers, Telecom Central Offices, Process Control & Manufacturing, Distributed Power and Load Management, Institutional & Transportation Facilities.
  • Enclosures and Compliance: Open, NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X (Stainless Steel), 12, Compliance: UL 508, UL50, ANCI C33.76, ICS 6, NEMA 250

About GE Zenith

GE Zenith Transfer Switches are used to provide a continuous source of power for lighting and other critical loads by automatically transferring from source 1 power to source 2 power in the event that source 1 voltage falls below preset limits. Voltage sensing and system control is performed via a state-of-the-art microcontroller located on the cabinet door. It is designed to give highly accurate control of the transfer switch system.