Automatic Transfer Switch

Kohler 230A

Kohler 230A

Kohler 230A Specifications

SKU: 6610
Manufacturer: Kohler
model: KCT-AMTA-0230S
number of poles: 3
maintenance bypass: No
enclosure type: NEMA 1
ul listing: 37AA
length/depth (inches): 15
width (inches): 22
height (inches): 48
catalog number: KCT-AMTA-0230S
transition type: Open
service entrance rated: No
lug style: Solderless Screw Type
condition: Used
voltage: 480
year: 2004
amps: 230
phase: 3
frequency: 60 Hz
int#: 18091

About Kohler

Kohler ATS
Kohler ATS integrated power systems is a quality automatic transfer switch (ATS) designed by Kohler, manufactured by Kohler and chosen specifically for your power requirements. The ATS bridges the gap between loss of utility and standby power, distributing power to feed the critical loads of your facility.

Kohler Generators
Kohler Power Systems delivers complete energy solutions worldwide - including emergency, prime power and energy management - for applications ranging from education and healthcare to data centers and wastewater treatment. Kohler industrial generators include complete lines of diesel generators, gas generators, generator controls, transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, enclosures/packaging, and towable generators. Kohler is a provider of total solutions for commercial and industrial standby emergency power, distributed power, rental, power for special events and more. Kohler industrial power system is designed and manufactured with Kohler components.