Automatic Transfer Switch

Russelectric RTS 30 Series

Russelectric RTS 30 Series

Russelectric RTS 30 Series Specifications

SKU: 4564
Manufacturer: Russelectric
number of poles: 2,3,4
model: RTS 30 Series
condition: New
voltage: Multi-Voltage
year: 2019
amps: 100-4000
int#: 13923
Industry's Most Comprehensive Line of UL Tested 30-Cycle Automatic Transfer Switches. Russelectric automatic transfer switches are modern, high-speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a preferred power source to an alternate power source when voltage and/or frequency varies from preset limits, and to retransfer loads when preferred source is restored.

Russelectric RTS-30 Series automatic transfer switches utilize simple electrical operators to provide high-speed quick- break, quick-make, preloaded transfers. The operators are connected to the switch mechanism by precision self- aligning, ball joints and sturdy linkage rods which prevent misalignment.

  • Russelectric builds all its transfer switches for years of reliable, trouble free operation with a minimum of maintenance.
  • Contact assemblies are designed to handle the rigors of 30-cycle closing and withstand performance and offer exceptional arc- and track-resistance.
  • All mechanical assemblies, linkages, and connecting rods are purpose-built and precision-machined in-house.
  • Enclosures are fabricated with code gauge steel to meet UL and other applicable standards.
  • All enclosures feature arc-welded seams, extra bracing, and smooth, ground corners. Switches are seismic tested to International Building Code requirements for earthquake compliance.
  • Front Connected Control Components and Wiring - control components and wiring can be replaced without removing the transfer switch from its enclosure.
  • RPTCS ATS Control System - The Russelectric RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system controls all operational functions of the ATS. Each RPTCS is programmed at the factory to control customer specified options as well as standard switch features.