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Caterpillar 2500 kW 3516C

Caterpillar 2500 kW 3516C

Caterpillar 2500 kW 3516C Specifications

SKU: 6536
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
model: 3516C
sound level- db@23feet: Approximately 83 dBA based on free field conditions
power factor (pf): .8
length/depth (inches): 563
width (inches): 134
height (inches): 177.75
fuel type: Diesel
condition: Used
kw: 2500
kw rating: Standby
voltage: 480/277
emissions tier: 2
enclosed: Sound Attenuated
fuel tank: UL142 5,400 Usable Gallon Base Fuel Tank with Fuel Polishing System
engine manufacturer: Caterpillar
engine model: 3516C
hp: 3,634
rpm: 1800
alternator make: Caterpillar
alternator model: SR5
amps: 3758.8
phase: 3
frequency: 60 Hz
pmg: Y
insulation class: H
temp rise: 130 Deg C
bearings: Dual bearings
control panel mfg: Caterpillar
control panel model: EMCP 4.2
breaker mfg: Caterpillar
breaker rating: Main 4-pole circuit breaker, 4000A
cooling: Skid
governor: ADEM A4, Isochronous speed control
starters: Dual, non-redundant heavy duty starting motors, 24 Volt DC
turbos: 4, Parallel configuration
silencers: Critical grade silencer internally mounted
air filters: Y
int#: 17966
Height of 177.75 inches does not include exhaust stack

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