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Hipower 250 kW HDI 250

Hipower 250 kW HDI 250

Hipower 250 kW HDI 250 Specifications

SKU: 7829
Manufacturer: Hipower
model: HDI 250F T6U
sound level- db@23feet: 74
power factor (pf): 0.8
weight (lbs): 7830
length/depth (inches): 173
width (inches): 55
height (inches): 70
enclosure material: Steel
fuel type: Diesel
condition: New
kw: 250
kw rating: Standby
voltage: 120/208
year: 2022
emissions tier: 3
enclosed: Sound Attenuated
fuel tank: 444 Gallon UL-142
engine manufacturer: FPT Iveco
engine model: C87TE1D
rpm: 1800
alternator make: Stamford
alternator model: S4L1D-D (WDG 311)
phase: 3
frequency: 60 Hz
reconnectable: Y
pmg: Y
insulation class: H
temp rise: 125 Deg C
bearings: 1 Bearing, Sealed
control panel: Digital
control panel mfg: Deep Sea
control panel model: 7410
breaker rating: 1000A
governor: Electronic
starters: 24V Electric
turbos: Turbocharged
silencers: Yes
fuel filters: Y
air filters: Y
int#: 23139

About Hipower

Hipower Systems portable generators are powerful, reliable, dependable and versatile on-site backup power systems manufactured in North American manufacturing facility in Olathe, Kansas. A wide range from 25 to 680 kVA covering demanding applications of the rental, construction, mining, oil/gas, entertainment and many more industries. Hipower acoustic enclosures are designed to minimize sound levels as low as 63dB(A) while ensuring no water intrusion. Hipower generators feature skid baseframes with integrated high capacity fuel tanks which provide a full load runtimes. Hipower Isuzu, Volvo, MTU and John Deere engines are built to customer requirements with attention to details in fuel economy, environment, robustness and longevity. Combined with a DOC and SCR systems these engines deliver excellent performance and fluid efficiency.