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MTU 200 kW DS200

MTU 200 kW DS200

MTU 200 kW DS200 Specifications

SKU: 6844
Manufacturer: MTU Onsite Energy
model: DS200
power factor (pf): .8
weight (lbs): 4500
length/depth (inches): 181
width (inches): 48
height (inches): 121
fuel type: Diesel
condition: Used
kw: 200
kw rating: Standby
voltage: 480
year: 2017
emissions tier: 3
hours: 100
enclosed: Sound Attenuated
fuel tank: 400 Gallon, 24-Hour Tank
engine manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
engine model: 6R 7.2L OM926LA
alternator make: Marathon
amps: 301
phase: 3
frequency: 60 Hz
pmg: Y
temp rise: 130 Deg C
bearings: 1 Bearing, Sealed
control panel: Digital
control panel mfg: MTU
control panel model: MGC 2020
breaker mfg: Square D
breaker rating: 350 Amp 3 Pole 80% CB SQ-D LDL36400U31X
breaker options: Single Circuit Breaker
battery charger - amps/input vol: 6 Amp / 150W, 12/24V Switchable
block heater - watts/voltage: -20 Deg F (120V 1PH 1500W)
governor: MR2 / ADM3
silencers: Unit Mounted 5\" Hospital Grade Exhaust
int#: 18494

About MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy, a Rolls-Royce Power AG company, is a leading provider of industrial diesel generators for high demand power environments like data centers, healthcare facilities, industrial complexes, power stations, banking, and many more critical power businesses. MTU Onsite Energy USA products are manufactured in Mankato, Minnesota. The generator product line ranges from 100 kW to 2500 kW for mission critical backup, standby or continuous power.

MTU engines are among the lowest-consumption engines on the market due to their second-generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management. Optimized, efficient combustion and exhaust aftertreatment processes like SCR and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) mean that MTU diesel drives meet the widest range of emissions specifications.