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Transcube 20TCG 500 Gallon Fuel Tank

Transcube 20TCG 500 Gallon Fuel Tank

Transcube 20TCG 500 Gallon Fuel Tank Specifications

SKU: 6617
Manufacturer: Transcube
model: 20TCG(G)W-NA
condition: New
year: 2019
int#: 18098

About Transcube

Fuel Trailers & Transportable Fuel Tanks Transcube, the leading fuel transportation tank for pump or generator back up fueller. Certified full load lifting eyes and UN approved tank ensures emidiate fuel deployment for that urgent job! Tie down points in these unic positions helps safe loading of Transcubes even when stacked. Internal baffles to minimise fuel surge during transport and handling makes the Transcube an easy tank to maneuver. 110% double wall (bunded) fuel tank that makes the Transcube a clean environmental favourable piece of equipment. Compact weather proof, lockable cabinet for housing manual or electric transfer pumps and the extra Feed and Return couplings. Removable feed and return dip pipes that makes the transcube a reliable standby tank for any type of Generator, Compressor, or Pump equipment.

With its UN Approval there is no need to empty the tank before transportation away from site. As an auxiliary fuel tank it provides longer engine running time reducing the number of site visits required for refuelling. Prevent machinery and equipment downtime with your own on-site fuelling station. Multi-task tank - feed and return lines to up to 3 engines (e.g. generators) and refuel equipment via pump at the same time. Can be easily and safely handled full or part full of fuel by crane or forklift. Unique design - can stack 2 high full or 3 high empty to reduce footprint requirements in storage or on location. Innovative size provides optimum logistics! - Width fits across truck beds with no overhang and inside ISO shipping containers; allows stacking inside high cube containers and on flat-bed trailers. Vibration tested.