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TransCube Global 30TCG 787 Gallon

TransCube Global 30TCG 787 Gallon

The TransCube Global is a transportable, environmentally friendly double-walled fuel storage tank, that offers an efficient solution for onsite fueling and auxiliary supply. With its fully transportable design and ability to fuel multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, the Trans Cube will save you time and double or triple the run times of your equipment.

Approvals: UL142, CAN/ULC-S601-07, UN-IBC Type 31A, US DOT, Transport Canada, NFPA30

TransCube Global 30TCG 787 Gallon Specifications

SKU: 7541
Manufacturer: Western Global
model: 30TCG
condition: New
year: 2021
int#: 19455
Capacity (Brim Fill) US Gallons: 787, Capacity (Safe Fill) US Gallons: 748