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Transtank 400TTS 14946 Gallon Fuel Tank

Transtank 400TTS 14946 Gallon Fuel Tank

Transtank 400TTS 14946 Gallon Fuel Tank Specifications

SKU: 5695
Manufacturer: Transtank
model: 400TTS
condition: New
year: 2019
int#: 16746
The TransTank TTS Series is a static fuel tank container with 110% containment and a pump cabinet with an equipment storage area. The TTS Series is built to ULC and UL Regulations, complies with BS799 Part 5 and complies with PPG2 Regulations.

  • 110% double wall fuel storage container to comply with Environmental regulations.
  • CSC plated - made to Convention for Safe Container Standard.
  • Corner twist locks top and bottom for ease of handling.
  • Can be stacked 6 high full of fuel, reducing storage space requirements and when on location.
  • Pump, valves, outlets and fittings are all housed within the lockable cabinet which is fitted with a spill catchment sump.
  • Auxiliary feed and return outlets are all top mounted to help prevent fuel leakage with 3” tank battery bottom Outlets.
  • For additional security, hoses can be fed through any of the 4 letterboxes enabling doors to be kept locked whilst in use.
  • Quality contents and bund gauges.
  • 3” Fast fill fuel connection in cabinet with high performance overfill prevention device.
  • Access ladder to operating platform for top filling and maintenance operations on both sides with kick plates.
  • Inner tank can be accessed via x2 manholes for maintenance and inspection.
  • Option for up to 4 sets of feed & return connections plus pump/auxiliary equipment feed.
  • Marine specification paint and application Ral 9001 White.

Capacity 14,946 Gallons
Length 480" L x 96" W x 114" H
Weight 33070 lbs