Load Banks

Crestchic 10-7000 kW

Crestchic 10-7000 kW

Crestchic 10-7000 kW Specifications

SKU: 7594
Manufacturer: Crestchic
model: 10 kW to 7000 kW
load type: Resistive
load steps: 1 kW
condition: New
kw: 10-7000
voltage: Multi-Voltage
year: 2021
enclosed: Yes
frequency: 60 Hz
int#: 19522
Crestchic design and manufacture a wide range of air-cooled resistive loadbanks in standard frames sizes & containers, from 10kW to 7000kW, built to your specific voltage, frequency and phase requirements. All our loadbanks employ stainless steel finned elements for maximum heat dissipation and durability. In addition we are also able to offer a tailor-made service and will design and build a Resistive loadbank to any size, at any voltage and frequency, to meet customer specific applications.

  • Voltages from 110v to 690v
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • 50 – 60 HZ
  • 10kW to 7000kW
  • Permanent or transportable models
  • Containerized packages for 1000kW and above
  • Standard canopy sizes to 2000kW
  • Choice of control system for all units – suited to application & operators

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