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Waukesha 55 kW VRG330G Arrow

Waukesha 55 kW VRG330G Arrow

Waukesha 55 kW VRG330G Arrow Specifications

SKU: 6100
Manufacturer: Waukesha
alternator amps: 82.5
model: VRG-330G
power factor (pf): .8
fuel type: Natural Gas
condition: Used
kw: 55
kw rating: Continuous
year: Rebuilt in 2016
hours: 200
engine manufacturer: Waukesha
engine model: VRG-330G
rpm: 1800
alternator make: Marathon
alternator model: 361CSL1601
phase: 3
frequency: 60 Hz
starters: 12V Starter
silencers: Yes
int#: 17279
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About Waukesha

Waukesha is a leading name in gaseous-fueled engines and generator sets. Waukesha engines and generators offer performance in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications that require them to run non-stop for months on end, stopping only for essential routine maintenance.