Power Distribution Units (PDU)

GE Zenith 225A

GE Zenith 225A

GE Zenith 225A Specifications

SKU: 6404
Manufacturer: GE Zenith
model: RPP-01-0-441-G2
input voltage: 208
input amperage max: 225
output amps max: 225
input frequency: 60 Hz
output frequency: 60 Hz
configuration (cto): PDU-410-1-0-11441-1
input wiring: 4 wire
output voltage: 208/120
output wiring: 4 wire
length/depth (inches): 24
width (inches): 24
height (inches): 83
kva: 80
condition: Used
year: 2013
int#: 17796

About GE Zenith

GE Zenith Transfer Switches are used to provide a continuous source of power for lighting and other critical loads by automatically transferring from source 1 power to source 2 power in the event that source 1 voltage falls below preset limits. Voltage sensing and system control is performed via a state-of-the-art microcontroller located on the cabinet door. It is designed to give highly accurate control of the transfer switch system.