Solar Turbines 1000 kW Saturn 10

Solar Turbines 1000 kW Saturn 10

Solar Turbines 1000 kW Saturn 10 Specifications

SKU: 6146
Manufacturer: Solar Turbines
model: Saturn 10
condition: Rebuilt
kw: 1000
int#: 17360
(10) Units Available
Enclosure Included (not shown)
Overhauled Engines and Gearboxes, New controls, Generator and Air Inlet and Exhaust

About Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines Incorporated, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines. Solar Turbines' products include gas turbine engines (rated from 1590 to 30,000 horsepower), gas compressors, and gas turbine-powered compressor sets, mechanical-drive packages and generator sets (ranging from 1.1 to 22 megawatts). Solar's customers put the company's products to work in many areas including production, processing and pipeline transmission of natural gas and crude oil and generation of electricity and thermal energy for processing applications, such as manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products.