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Eaton Powerware 9315 500 kVA

Eaton Powerware 9315 500 kVA

Eaton Powerware 9315 500 kVA Specifications

SKU: 5543
Manufacturer: Eaton Powerware
model: 9315-500
configuration (cto): P50096166711104
kva: 500
input voltage: 480
input amperage max: 720
input wiring: 3 wire
output voltage: 480
output amps max: 600
output wiring: 4 wire
bypass voltage: 480
bypass amps max: 600
bypass wiring: 4 wire
ups input: Dual
input frequency: 60 Hz
output frequency: 60 Hz
dc bus voltage: 480
dc amps: 1120
condition: Refurbished
kw: 450
year: 2008
hours: 0
int#: 16493
New caps and fans May, 2018.
Powerware 9315 500 / Model 500
Rated: 500 kVA/ 450kW
Input voltage: 480VAC, 3 Phase, 4 wire, 60 Hertz
Output voltage: 277/480VAC, 3 Phase, 4 wire, 60 Hertz

System to include:
Intelligent Input filter with power factor correction, 7% THD
Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch
PowerVision, DataFrame, and SNMP capability
Internal Battery Management System – DC Expert
Internal Modem with Remote Notify
Local Emergency Power Off (EPO)
LCD Video Display, Programmable Building Alarm and RMP Interfaces, and RS232C/RS485, screens are provided on the control panel to display the system status:
Mimic screen: Graphic display of system operation and power flow
Metering screen: Digital metering of:
* Rectifier input voltage, frequency, current, kW, kVA, pf.
* System output voltage, frequency, current, kW, kVA, pf.
* Bypass input voltage and frequency
* Inverter output voltage and frequency
* DC link voltage
* Battery current
* Selected DC control voltages

Set of Operators & Installation Manuals
UPS Dimensions: 74"Wide x 31.5"Deep x 73.5"High (6,200 lbs.)

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