UPS System

Falcon SSG Industrial 1.5 kVA

Falcon SSG Industrial 1.5 kVA

A Falcon 1,050 watt UPS with 24 minutes of runtime in a NEMA3R box. It carries a full 4 year warranty on UPS and battery. UPS is UL 1778 and UL 508 rated. Well suited for hot and cold industrial applications including water treatment and wastewater plants, solar, oil and gas, and military.

Battery Duration: 12 Years at 25 Deg C (77 Deg F) Operation 4 Years at 50 Deg C (122 Deg F) Operation

Falcon SSG Industrial 1.5 kVA Specifications

SKU: 7070
Manufacturer: Falcon Electric
model: SSG1.5KRM-1
configuration (cto): SSG1.5KRM-1
part number: SSB-1R820-A
kva: 1.5
input voltage: 120,220
output voltage: 120,220
length/depth (inches): 12
width (inches): 24
height (inches): 41
weight (lbs): 265
input frequency: 60 Hz
output frequency: 60 Hz
battery duration: 12 Years (see notes)
battery type: VRLA, Optional Lithium
condition: New
kw: 1.5
phase: 1
int#: 18900