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Liebert 610 Series 500 kVA

Liebert 610 Series 500 kVA

Liebert 610 Series 500 kVA Specifications

SKU: 5478
Manufacturer: Liebert
model: U39SA501AAAN437
kva: 500
input voltage: 480
output voltage: 480/277 3 or 4 wire
part number: 02-861657-64
input amperage max: 688
input wiring: 3 wire
bypass voltage: 480/277 3 or 4 wire
bypass amps max: 601
output amps max: 601
dc bus voltage: 384-576
weight (lbs): 9100
dc amps: 1221
length/depth (inches): 40
width (inches): 96
height (inches): 78
condition: Used
kw: 450
int#: 16416
AC input voltage 480V (three-phase, three-wire plus ground)
AC bypass voltage 480V (three-phase, three or four-wire plus ground)
AC output voltage 480V (three-phase, three or four-wire plus ground)
On-line reverse transfer configuration
Input circuit breaker
6-pulse phase-controlled rectifier/charger
Input filter with 7% THD at full output load
Input filter disconnect
6-Step/PWM (pulse-width modulated) transistorized inverter, output transformer and filter
Automatic static transfer switch
Microprocessor based monitoring with LCD display (English)
Automatic equalize charger timer
Two-step input current limit
Two-step battery charge current limit
Remote status panel interface
Alarm status contacts
Customer alarm interface
Network Interface Card internal hardware and firmware
Maintenance bypass interlock interface
Local E.P.O. with provision for remote E.P.O.
Redundant cooling fans
ETL listed to UL 1778 standard, CSA22.2, No. 107.1

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