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Mitsubishi 9900B Series 300 kVA

Mitsubishi 9900B Series 300 kVA

Mitsubishi 9900B Series 300 kVA Specifications

SKU: 5297
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
input amperage max: 377
output voltage: 480
output amps max: 361
input voltage: 480
kva: 300
model: UP9933B-A304DU-4
condition: Refurbished
kw: 300
year: 2011
int#: 16190
Shipping Info (LxWxH Lbs):
55.1"W x 33"D x 80.7"H 2,360 lbs
3 Level IGBT Technology, Up to 97% Efficient, Front LCD Display

About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi UPS Systems Mitsubishi UPS power systems serve large and small industries with uninterruptible power supplies from scalable 3MVA Megapods® to standalone Diamondplus™ hot swappable UPS from 10 kVA to 80 kVA and even larger 9800 series and 9900 series from 80 kVA to 1050 kVA.

Mitsubishi Gensets
Mitsubishi generators are fuel efficient and have one of the lowest noise levels in the industry. Mitsubishi generators come equipped with a wide range of standard features: Mitsubishi OHV engine, automatic idle control, full frame, automatic voltage regulator, low oil sensor and a large fuel tank.