Nine Reasons Why Load Banks are Essential to your Critical Infrastructure

Generator Load Bank Test

Wherever electrical power is generated there is a need for a load bank. Load Banks are used with engine generators, battery systems, UPS systems, inverters, ground power units, and auxiliary power units.

Technicians use Load Banks to apply a load that mimics the load of the facility the generator is protecting. A Load Bank applies a discrete, selectable electrical load to the generator and measures the response stability and endurance of all products at various mechanical loads.

Any problems with the generator can then be identified and rectified in a non-critical environment

Utilizing a load bank:

1. Helps guarantee the availability of your standby generator.

Guarantee equipment can handle a loss of the primary utility service. The load bank acts as a “dress rehearsal” or as a simulation of a utility failure.

2. Higher degree of confidence.

Gives you a higher degree of confidence in your equipment. Less anxiety when events happen.

3. Insures full load operation.

Insures the system is capable of full load operation before an event that requires full load.

4. Proper maintenance cycle.

Confirms needed items have received proper maintenance.

5. Starting batteries are charged.

Validates the starting batteries are charged and capable of initiating an engine start. This is the most common point of failure for a generator set.

6. All systems set properly to produce result.

The voltage regulator and governor systems are set properly to produce rated speed and voltage.

7. ATS is working properly.

Test ensures the ATS is working properly to transfer the building loads from utility power to the emergency generator set.

8. Reach proper operating temperature.

Exercise the engine, allowing it to reach proper operating temperature and burn any residue from unburned fuel / fuel contamination in the cylinders (wet stacking).

9. Verify emissions control.

With emissions control equipment, to verify catalytic elements can reach proper operating temperatures for efficient emissions control.

Load banks are available in various types – resistive, inductive, capacitive and electronic. They can be portable, permanent or radiator mounted. Consult with Global Power Systems or your original generator set’s manufacturer for determining which type is the best for your intended system requirements and which meets applicable electrical codes for your area.

Load bank testing is an integral step in our multi-point inspection and certification on all pre-owned generators. Global Power Supply has load banks for rental and for sale with all engine generator set packages. Let us work with you to determine the best system for your facility to insure your critical computer, communications and critical power equipment has reliable power!

Global Power Supply has Load Banks in-stock including Simplex, Loadtec and Emerson Avtron.

For more information about Global Power Supply’s load banks contact our critical power experts today. Contact us.