Six Steps to Prepare (Your Facility) For an Emergency Backup Generator

Mobile Generator for Backup Power

If your business lost power today and you needed a backup generator, does your facility have the electrical infrastructure in place to hook up that generator?

This is a situation we often encounter: a business needs emergency backup power, but they’re not exactly sure what that entails, or if their facility is prepared to accept a backup generator. To help businesses be prepared for an unexpected or extended power outage, we’ve put together this list of six steps to prepare your facility for a rental (or permanent) emergency backup generator.

1. Determine Size of Generator Needed

Sizing a generator can typically be calculated by using the total system amps and voltage. We recommend a load study for accuracy along with the types of equipment being powered. But for some facilities, there are additional considerations like critical and non-critical loads. The overall electrical infrastructure can have an effect on what size generator is needed, and decisions may need to be made about whether or not to power an entire building, or just critical loads. Global Power Supply’s team of electrical engineers are experts at sizing and designing backup power solutions, and can help with projects of any size or complexity.

2. Determine Location of Generator

In general, an emergency backup generator should be located as close as possible to the electrical main on the building it is powering. This will reduce the length of cables needed and thus reduce the overall cost for both a rental or permanent installation. Other things to consider are any city ordinances regarding sound, emissions, or setbacks, the security of the generator from vandalism, and how it fits in the landscape visually.

3. Install Generator Quick-Connect Box

If you think your business would prefer to rent an emergency backup generator rather than have a permanent installation, one very important way to be prepared would be to install a generator quick connect box and or ATS (automatic transfer Switch), such as the ASCO Quick Connect Power Panel in combination with ATS or separate. This is a permanent means for quickly connecting a mobile rental generator whenever it may be needed and combined this provides safe automatic transfer & retransfer of the normal and emergency sources.

4. Understand Pricing and Costs

Having an emergency backup power generator can sometimes literally make or break a business. But it is sometimes an unexpected cost and isn’t always built into the budget. At Global Power Supply, we help businesses of all sizes to understand the pricing and costs of both permanent installations and rentals. We’re happy to assess your requirement and provide budgetary pricing or a detailed quote.

5. Remember Extras

Besides the generator itself, there are some additional costs associated with an emergency backup power system. For rentals, additional costs could come from cables (cost varies by length), fueling and refueling service, delivery, location, and how many hours a day the generator is being used. It’s important to be aware of all costs, and include them in your budget.

6. Plan Ahead

Perhaps the most important step to prepare your facility for an emergency backup generator is to plan ahead. When a hurricane or severe weather event is already on the radar, in the news, and just a few days away, generator inventories are always depleted quickly. Costs rise as local equipment gets rented and additional equipment needs to be brought in from other areas. Planning ahead truly is the one step that can actually save money in the long run, by locking in pricing that fits your budget. It’s also the best way to guarantee you really have the generator when you need it, with a lot less stress than waiting until the last minute.

At Global Power Supply, we’re here, standing by to answer any of your questions about how you can prepare your business for an emergency backup generator. One of the advantages that we offer our customers is the option of new and used equipment from several different manufacturers, and custom engineered solutions to meet your exact requirement. With our team of experienced engineers and project managers, there’s no project too big or complex. Please contact us to protect your business.

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