Top Five Tips in Generator Power for Grow Operations

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Generators in Grow Operations

Each of these five key factors in determining the correct generator cascade down the line to a clear solution. There are no short cuts in a consistent quality power investment.

1. Fuel Types

Diesel, natural gas, propane or hybrid. Choice of fuel can be determined by several factors including: local emissions, regulations, distance from fuel source, costs and availability of different fuels, and type of power needed.

2. Operating Costs

One of the biggest factors in operational cost is fuel type. Depending on fuel type, operational costs will vary greatly. Fuel transportation costs and storage costs also add to the complexity and uniqueness of each site. The decision to either buy or rent equipment and maintenance of equipment are also important to add to the costs.

3. Sizing/Configuration

Getting a proper estimation of the load by an electrical contractor, including the critical versus non-critical requirements of the grow operation is a necessity and will have an impact on the fuel choices/cost. Business growth is also important to consider in properly sizing a generator and requires experience. We have a nationwide network of pre-approved electrical contractors that we trust to work with our customers.

4. Used versus New

Used equipment can offer big savings over new, and with high-quality used equipment that has been properly maintained, this may be a great choice for many businesses. Renting equipment is also an option if all the variables align.

5. Tax Incentives

Certain jurisdictions are providing tax incentives for grow operations that are accommodating air quality standards and environmentally conscience power.

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