Trailer Mounted UPS Rental Systems

Rent a full turnkey state-of-the-art UPS backup power system powered with lithium-ion batteries and Eaton Power Xpert 9395P UPS.

Global Power Supply has expanded our indoor and mobile UPS trailer fleet with (2) new 1200 kW high powered lithium-ion UPS backup battery mobile trailers. Designed to support critical infrastructure facilities during facility upgrades, disaster recovery, or off-grid events. These UPS systems allow facilities to maintain business continuity during these highly critical but temporary power events.

Lithium-ion batteries are considerably smaller, more lightweight, have a longer life span and require no ventilation. Read up on the benefits of LI batteries in UPS systems.

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Features on 1200 kW Trailer:

  • 58' Weatherproof Trailer
  • Eaton Power Xpert 9395P UPS
  • Pre-wired 2000 Amp 3-pole ATS Internal
  • Female Cam-Lock for Utility Input, Critical Load and Generator Input
  • Parallelable for Redundancy or Capacity, 900 kW N+1, 600 kW N+2
  • Four 300 kVA Eaton UPM Power Modules
  • Six Battery Cabinets with Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Four 5-Ton Marvair Scholar Air Conditioning Systems
  • Eaton Integrated Input Breaker
  • Maintenance Bypass Breaker
  • Isolation Breaker
  • Load Output Breaker
  • Support Communications Package
  • Eaton Predict Plus Remote Monitoring
  • Turnkey Installation Support

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Additional Rental Fleet:

Vertiv Emerson


  • Trailers 30 kVA to 2.4 MW UPS Systems
  • Indoor UPS Systems from 5 kVA up to 1100 kVA
  • VRLA & Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Available
  • Battery Systems Available for Rent
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