UPS System Replacement for Casino in Gallup, New Mexico

Casino with UPS Backup Power

Global Power Supply is pleased to announce the completion of an emergency UPS system replacement at a casino in Gallup, New Mexico.

Each project presents unique challenges. In this case study, a casino had a failure of a key component of their UPS backup power system. Because the existing UPS system was an older unit and the key components were not available, the casino needed a complete replacement UPS, and because casinos are required by the gaming commission to maintain a UPS system for back up power, it was an emergency job. The problem was that lead times for replacement UPS systems were currently running over one year.

Global Power Supply was contacted by the casino’s UPS service company, and was able to provide a matching pre-owned UPS system as an emergency replacement, as well as three additional battery cabinets and all new batteries. The replacement system was shipped within four days, and the installation was complete within two weeks.

“Incredibly fast deployment. You don’t see that in this market. Everything is hurry up and wait. I’ve been in this business for quite some time and that’s the fastest turnaround I’ve seen,” said Joseph Burnsworth from Power Quality Pros, who partnered with Global Power Supply to successfully complete this emergency UPS replacement.

Read more about the details of the project in the case study.

For more information about Global Power Supply’s UPS systems in critical applications, or to request a quote for a UPS system for your business, please contact us today.

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