Waukesha 4000 kW (4MW)
Natural Gas Power Plant

Available now for sale, Waukesha 4MW Natural Gas Power Plant. Power Plant includes genset skids, paralleling switchgear, controls, breakers and cabinets.

Five Waukesha industrial natural gas generators for applications: Oilfield electrification, onshore oilfields, saltwater disposal injection power, field gas continuous power generation and CHP/Co-gen.

Individual generators available for sale. Unit offers acceptable.

Switchgear cabinets
Generator Control panel detail
Detail of Waukesha Generator


Unit 1 L5108GLUnit 1 L5108GL
Detail of L7042GSIDetail of L7042GSI
Unit 2 L5108GLUnit 2 L5108GL
Detail of Unit 2 L5108GLDetail of Unit 2 L5108GL
Detail of Waukesha EngineDetail of Waukesha Engine
Side view Unit 4 L5108GLSide view Unit 4 L5108GL
Control panel detail Unit 5Control panel detail Unit 5
Front View Unit 1 Waukesha GeneratorFront View Unit 1 Waukesha Generator
Detail View Unit 1 Waukesha GeneratorDetail View Unit 1 Waukesha Generator
Switchgear DetailSwitchgear Detail
Swithgear Control panel DetailSwithgear Control panel Detail
Paralleling Switchgear cabinets for WaukeshaParalleling Switchgear cabinets for Waukesha


  • Voltage 4160 (60Hz)
  • RPM 1200
  • Expandable to 10MW
  • Can be Reconfigured
  • CHP/Co-Gen plant
  • EPA Cert. w/Catalyst/SCR

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